Did you understand the conversation? Here is a quiz to test yourself. Choose the correct answer.

لسماع اللفظ اضغط على السؤال او احد الاختيارات
1 :

What did Liz have a lot of on her teeth?

Discolouration caused by medication

Enamel erosion

Plaque build up

Coffee stains

2 :

When was the last time she visited the dentist?

In September

In June

In January

In July

3 :

How long ago was this?

Three months

Six months

Four months

One year

4 :

What did the hygienist say could be the problem?

Brushing habits


Too much acid drinks

Too much coffee

5 :

How often should Liz visit the hygienist?

Twice per year

Four times a year

Three times a year

Once a year

6 :

What did the hygienist ask Liz?

IF she drank a lot of acid drinks

If she flossed regularly

If she ate a lot of sweets

If she drank a lot of coffee

7 :

What was Liz’s reply?

Several cups a day

A few cups a day

She did not floss every day

She drank coffee all through the day

8 :

How often does Liz brush her teeth?

Four times a day

After every meal

Three times a day

Twice a day

9 :

What caused Liz’s teeth to be stained?

Not flossing

Not brushing properly

Acid drinks


10 :

What can Liz do to reduce the harmful effects of coffee?

Rinse with a mouthwash after drinking coffee

Brush after drinking

Stop drinking it

Use a straw when drinking coffee

لكي تتابع دروسنا الجديدة بالصوت والصورة والشرح المفصل انصحك بالاشتراك في قناتنا على اليوتيوب

او انشر الصفحة على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي