Did you understand the conversation? Here is a quiz to test yourself. Choose the correct answer.

لسماع اللفظ اضغط على السؤال او احد الاختيارات
1 :

How long did Liz want to renew her licence for?

Two years

Five years

One year

Three years

2 :

How many other options did Liz have?





3 :

What was the cost of a three year licence?





4 :

What method did Liz want to pay by?

Credit card

Debit card

Personal cheque


5 :

What happened when she tried to make her payment?

The card did not swipe

She did not have enough cash on her account

She could not find her card

She forgot her pin number

6 :

What did she ask the clerk to use?

Her telephone

A personal cheque

A credit card

A company cheque

7 :

What was the clerk’s response?

She could use a credit card

She would have to speak to her supervisor

They did not accept personal cheques

It was ok to use her personal cheque

8 :

What did Liz do then?

She went to the bank to get the cash

Pay $50.00 for a one year renewal

Pay $125.00 for a three year renewal

Pay $200.00 for a five year renewal

9 :

Why did she do this?

The clerk told her to do that

That was all the cash she had

She did not want to use all her cash

She wanted to check her bank balance first

10 :

What did the clerk tell her she would have to do?

Return the following day with the funds to renew for three years

Wait until her licence expires again to renew for three years

Return the following day with the funds to renew for five years

Speak with management about the problem with the debit card

لكي تتابع دروسنا الجديدة بالصوت والصورة والشرح المفصل انصحك بالاشتراك في قناتنا على اليوتيوب

او انشر الصفحة على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي