Did you understand the conversation? Here is a quiz to test yourself. Choose the correct answer.

لسماع اللفظ اضغط على السؤال او احد الاختيارات
1 :

Which guy got his car upgraded?

a guy from the office



no one

2 :

How did Ben know about the body workman?

he saw an advisement

one of the guys from the office

he saw a flyer

he was his brother

3 :

What did the guys decide to do in the end?

have some beers

take the car for a spin

tell their friends about it

get Steve to upgrade his car

4 :

Where is the garage?

In another town

Steve didn’t remember

Near the police station

Just down the street

5 :

What did Steve upgrade?

His car

His apartment


His computer

6 :

Why did he go to a new bodywork man?

He likes to give people a chance

One of the guys at work said he was good

It wasn’t a new bodywork man

He knew the workman

7 :

What did Steve notice about the car on his own?

The paint job and the rims

The cosmetic work

The tinted windows

The engine and the cosmetic work

8 :

What did Steve love about the car now?

The cosmetic work

The engine

The paint job and the rims

The leather seats

9 :

Whose idea was it to go for a drive?



The bodywork man

A guy from the office

10 :

What did Ben think about the cost of the upgrades?

He thought he got robbed

He said the price wasn’t bad

He wanted to go get a refund

He said it was the cheapest work he ever had done

لكي تتابع دروسنا الجديدة بالصوت والصورة والشرح المفصل انصحك بالاشتراك في قناتنا على اليوتيوب

او انشر الصفحة على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي