Did you understand the conversation? Here is a quiz to test yourself. Choose the correct answer.

لسماع اللفظ اضغط على السؤال او احد الاختيارات
1 :

How did Steve describe being accepted to college?

A huge responsibility

An honour and a privilege

His duty


2 :

Why will it take some time for them to adjust?

They are slow

They are scared

They are now responsible for every aspect of their education

The university was very big and confusing

3 :

Why didn’t Steve sign up for anything?

He wasn’t sure what he had to do

He doesn’t like sports

He was waiting until freshman week was over

He couldn’t get into the only club he wanted to join

4 :

What will the guys do differently in college?

They won’t slack off

They won’t join any clubs

They won’t volunteer

They won’t hand in assignments early

5 :

What is happening during the first week of college?

Olympic games

Freshman orientation

A judging competition

A job fair

6 :

Why was Steve trying to get his courses organised as quickly as possible?

He didn’t want to be kicked out of college

He was afraid of choosing courses that were too difficult

He wanted to spend the next few days having fun

The course selections are final the following day

7 :

Which statement is true?

Steve was not going to take his studies seriously

Steve dint want to show anyone his schedule

Steve was thinking about trying swimming

Steve didn’t try to organise his class schedule quickly

8 :

Why does the university try to do during freshman week?

Stop all classes

Take tuition fees

Expel failing students

Try to get students involved in as many activities as possible

9 :

Where will students be able to sign up for clubs?

On the main lawn

In the office

In the student dorms

At the principal’s office

10 :

Why are there vacant positions on the student body?

The other students dropped out

Probably because of all the students who graduated and left

No one wants to sign up for student body

The stipend for those positions was reduced

لكي تتابع دروسنا الجديدة بالصوت والصورة والشرح المفصل انصحك بالاشتراك في قناتنا على اليوتيوب

او انشر الصفحة على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي